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Inspire people towards better self-awareness and ownership of their inherent value, core beliefs, and purpose through my own personal vulnerability, storytelling, and leadership.

My life mission statement

I first started talking about writing a book a couple of years ago when I hired a coach/consultant to help me with the process. I thought, “Oh, this will only take six months now!” Well, a lot got in the way of that, most of all my own darn self.

Now, nearly three years later, the book is about to be published, and I’m writing the first blog on this website. A few months ago, I decided to be more open about the process involved in writing the book. After all, being vulnerable and honest about my own story is a theme behind my writing the book and it’s part of my life mission statement.

At first, I only vaguely referenced the process because I was embarrassed at how long it was taking to complete. Then, a few months ago, I made several decisions that changed both the trajectory of the book and how I talk about it.

I decided that was just part of the journey.

First of all, I decided to officially change my career’s trajectory to be more about my own writing and less about focusing on clients. At the end of 2023, my husband and I agreed I would take a small step back from my business to focus on getting the book done and out there. It was during this time that I also decided I would start a podcast (or something along those lines) to let other people tell their stories of when life hit them with “destination-changing” events. The podcast is secondary to the book and isn’t quite done. A few weeks ago, I started my podcast tour to not only get speaking experience, but to also promote the book as it got closer to publishing.

Secondly, I decided to be more consistent and open when talking about the various steps I was taking to become a published author. Instead of being embarrassed, I’ve found it therapeutic to talk about where I was with the process. I then did what I never thought I’d do: I started a TikTok channel just for the book and my journey in being published.

I’ve found people find it interesting and even encouraging to hear about the process. I plan to continue using TikTok to talk about the journey and, hopefully, attract some people who would be the target audience for the book. I don’t know yet how I will use this blog space, as I already have a business blog and a personal blog. I know it will include news about events I’m participating in and the overall publishing/speaking journey,

I’m curious, what else would you like to hear about?