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Jamie Smith




April 8, 2024

Local entrepreneur releases first book

Destination Changes a story of thriving through adversity

NORTHWEST ARKANSAS – Local writer, entrepreneur and nonprofit leader Jamie Smith is releasing her first book, Destination Changes, April 8. 

“People always say, ‘Life is about the journey, not the destination.’ What they don’t tell you is that the destination changes,” Smith said of the title. “The book is about how having the heart of an entrepreneur helped me survive, and even thrive, through disability, chronic illness, job loss, identity crisis, and, of course, business ownership.” 

Through vulnerable storytelling and practical advice, Smith breaks down the core mindsets and strategies of successful entrepreneurs. Readers will learn how to reframe negative circumstances, push beyond their comfort zone, embrace failure as a teacher, and maintain an attitude of continuous learning. 

Destination Changes goes beyond starting a business. It’s a guide to personal growth for anyone seeking to tap into their inner entrepreneur. If you want to gain the confidence to navigate life’s twists and turns, this book will inspire you to believe in your ability to create your own path forward.

“My hope is that as people read my story and think through the reflection questions at the end of each chapter, they will discover their own heart of an entrepreneur, even if they never own a business,” she said.

“I’ve had people say stuff like ‘I don’t know how you manage that’ pretty much my whole life about a variety of things,” Smith concluded. “This book is my 17-chapter answer to that question.” 

As a former news journalist turned small business owner who focuses on content writing, Smith has been writing professionally for more than 20 years. This is her first endeavor in book writing, however. 

“It’s really different writing in your own voice as opposed to your news writing voice or writing in a way that sounds like your client,” she said. “This was a challenge I knew I would need help with, and even then, it took three years just to write a short book.” 

Smith hired publishing consultant Mark Howard to guide her through the self-publishing process and has focused on learning about being a successful, self-publishing author as much as possible. She financed the endeavor with a through Startup Junkie. The book is currently available on Amazon in e-book and paperback form. The book is approximately 100 pages long. 

Smith will host her first book signing party from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., Sunday, April 28, at Nellie B’s Bakery in Elkins. Tickets will be available on Eventbrite.


Jamie Anne Smith is a first-time author and an award-winning journalist turned small business owner. Smith realized that many of the traits and skills she uses as an entrepreneur are similar to what she utilized to deal with developing multiple chronic illnesses and a lifetime of managing a major birth defect. This realization led to writing her first book, Destination Changes. Jamie uses her voice and skills to encourage fellow entrepreneurs, writers, chronic illness patients, and more. Smith is also co-founder and President of the Elkins Community Network and is on the founding board for GiveCamp NWA. Jamie and her husband, John, live in Northwest Arkansas with their four pets. They are active members of their local church. Smith is a 2000 graduate of John Brown University. 


Life can throw us curveballs when we least expect it. Chronic illness, disability, job loss, identity crisis – these challenges can leave us feeling powerless. But with the right mindset, we can turn any difficulty into an opportunity for growth. In Destination Changes, Jamie Anne Smith shares her personal journey of using the entrepreneurial mindset to overcome life’s toughest situations and thrive. Drawing from her experiences with disability, illness, and starting her own business, she provides a roadmap for developing the key traits that allow entrepreneurs to pivot and prosper when faced with adversity. Whether you’re facing a crisis or simply seeking personal growth, this book will inspire you to survive life’s challenges and build a deeply fulfilling life on your own terms.